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occupation: the family disappointment

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Kaya Scodelario and Kim Soo Hyun for J.ESTINA

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1. What are you currently watching?

Hotel king (new k-drama I’m watching!)

2. Do you have a job? Where do you work?

I do, I work at Costco on the weekends.

3. What is your dream car?

Volkswagen Beetle (I’ve wanted one for the longest time OMG) or for funsies Lexus ISF.

4. What does your last text say?

Something about anime or something…

5. What was the last game you played?


6. What is your favourite type of juice?

I don’t really like juice. I guess…sparkling orange juice.

7. Who is your idol? Why?

No one. I don’t believe in idols. I really admire The Neighborhood right now. It really changes a lot. Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith are on the top of the list though.

8. What do you have an excessive amount of? (Must be a material thing, not like thoughts or whatever)

I have an excessive amount of material I need to study for my exams. At times, I also indulge myself in books and k-dramas.

9. What are you afraid of? Tell a story related to it.

I’m scared of anything paranormal. I fix this by immersing myself in a shit load of horror films. I love them now, the movies in that genre that is. 

I am also scared of failing. I have failed two big things so far. My last Royal Conservatory of Music exam and my road test. I’m now scared to drive and play music for an audience.

10. Do you support the great cause that is Mister-Boob? Why?

Hell yeah. Because why not?

My Questions:

The same as mister-boob’s…

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Oh lawd I don’t even have 11 people to tag

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you are the dancing queenyoung and sweetonly over teen





you are the dancing queen
young and sweet
only over teen

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why do teenage boys care about if a girl is a virgin or not like are you that eager to be the first to disappoint me 

saix sent: I know... It may be hard to control who reposts your graphics or art when there's no way to control it either... ;;;;

It’s so annoying…but I kind of got used to it. The problem is I’m too lazy to report them… (well busy right now because of exams)

Anonymous sent: my first sarang and I need lessons. kamnashiminda, Saranghae!! :3 ^_^


Anonymous sent: annyeog!! ~ x3^_^ I am a Korean kawaii! ^~^ hehe :3 i reallllly sarang this Oppa but Oppa doesn't sarang me >_< :-( i want to hold hands with Oppa and be his girl. Oppa is so kawaii, but Oppa sarang another unni :-( I really Sarang Oppa, what should I doooo? :3 >< Ahh Oppa is so kawaii and I really love Oppa too much. Oppa Saranghae <3 ^^ please help me, oppas and unnis, and alll dongsengs. I really want you to help me if you are my sunbae in sarang, because me is only a hoobae because this is


better love story than twilight tho

Anonymous sent: hi i'm sorry to bother you, but i think poesia-s2-imagem is reposting your gifs?


well fuck

"We are getting married today. We can’t get a divorce because you’re leaving tomorrow. And since you don’t seem to have the thought of saying that you love me, I will even say your part. I love you, Do Minjoon. As you live way longer than I do, you will forget eventually, but a perfect woman such as me really loved and liked you a lot. Don’t forget and feel proud about it.” - Cheon Songyi

“The greatest power I possess is stopping time. For uncountable number of times, I stopped time. And in those times you do not know of, I said this: I love you, Cheon Songyi. Because if I told you while time was flowing by, I felt that everything would flow away and disappear. So…I told you while time stopped. I love you, Cheon Songyi. I love you." - Do Minjoon